A logo is a symbolic emblem of a company. These days it is difficult to come across a company that does not have a logo. If you are a small business, you are probably looking for a way of saving cash. What better way than to have a DIY logo. DIY logos are simple to make and with the help of a few guidelines you can be a guaranteed of a great logo. If you have a great logo, you just might get increased business this is because your logo subtly communicates your brand which means it can market you whenever someone sees your logo. Here are some of the tips that you can follow as you design your logo.

First, make sure you know your company's brand before you embark on designing any logo. It will do you do to know your brand because then you will be able to find ways of graphically communicating that information. Designing a logo with no knowledge of what your company stands for can have you designing a logo that communicates something different from what your brand is. see more on sports logos 

Aim for simplicity when it comes to logos. Many businesses get it wrong because they make their logos very complicated and hence difficult to understand. When a logo has so many irrelevant details, the brain picks up a few details that it deems important. The problem with this is that the brain may discard information that is important and retain that which is nonconsequential. Therefore if you wish to have an effective DIY logo, then you should try to have very few things on your logo so that you do not overburden the brain.

Remember that not all logos need to have an image. You can have a logo that only has text. This is a concept that many businesses seem to be adopting even big corporations. With this type of logo, you choose a font in size the eligible. If at all your business is known for elegance you can go for more elegant fonts. Also, make sure that you keep the text short and simple. Normally such logos only contain the company's name and a slogan. You need not overload t with a lot of text.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logos

Lastly, let the colors not be more than two. This is because the more colors you have, the more the logo becomes unsightly, and it overloads the brain. On top of that when it comes to printing the logo you will part with a lot of money since printing is done based on colors.